Morgenstern Student Award

In 1989, the GSE introduced the GSE Graduate Student Award, which is presently known as N.R. Morgenstern Student Award since 1999. The award is given to the graduate student who submits the best paper as selected by the professors in the Geotechnical Division of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Alberta. Along with the monetary award and a certificate, the award winners are invited to present their paper to the general membership at a wine and cheese reception, held in the University of Alberta Faculty Club in the early fall. The wine and cheese meeting is the September meeting where the N.R. Morgenstern Graduate Student Award winner from the previous spring gives a presentation to the group. A poster session by other graduate students is also held at the reception, to allow the representatives from industry to meet and discuss current research projects with the students.

List of Award Winners

Amir Haghi

Year  Winners Topic
2020 Amir Haghi  
2019 Tony (Xiaozhuan) Zheng  
2018 Umme Rima  
2017  Kirk Scanlan Evaluating the Spatial Association between Degraded Ballast and Increased Track Geometry Variability
2016  Courtney Mulhall  Large-scale Laboratory Testing of Tie Lateral Resistance in Two Ballast Materials
2015  Ahlam Abdulnabi  Prediction of Rainfall Runoff for Mine Waste Cover Systems
2014  Alma Ornés  Discontinuum Modelling of Vuggy Carbonates
2013  Daniel Meles  
2012  Kateri Adamczak  
2011  Renato Macciotta  
2010  David Elwood  
2009  Silawat Jeeravipoolvarn  
2008  Nicholas Beier  
2007  Seyyed Moussavi Nik  
2006  Moh’d Alostaz  
2005  Saman Zarnani  
2004  Amanda Willoughby  
2002  Tamer Elkateb  Geostatistical Analysis
2001  Not Awarded  
2000  Scott Andrew Gillis  
1999  Diane Zhang  Screw Piles – Field Testing and Design
1998  Hassan El-Ramly  Risk Based Assessment for Slope Stability
1997  Junli Bai  Numerical Analysis of the Leaning Tower of Pisa
1996  Gord McKenna  Forty – Four Block Slides at Syncrude
1995  Richard Stahl  Air Sparging
1994  Mohamed Monier Morsy  Effective stress modeling of creep behaviour of clay
1993  Richard Dawson  
1992  Bill Liu  Performance of the Devon Geogrid Fill
1991  Not Awarded  
1990  Rick Chalaturnyk  
1989  Kevin Biggar  Recent Developments in Pile Design in Saline Paermafrost and Frozen Rock