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Geomorphic design in mining is not new: it has been evolving for nearly 50 years through theory, implementation, and development of tools to make both the design and construction of these landforms increasingly efficient. This talk will provide a brief history of geomorphic design, will discuss the current state of the art, as well as the future of geomorphic design in the context of mine closure and tailings storage facility declassification specifically.


Dr. Neeltje Slingerland is a Lead Mine Closure Specialist at Golder Associates in Vancouver, where most of her time is spent designing and modelling tailings storage facilities and waste rock dumps around the world for permanent closure. Neeltje has published over 20 papers on geomorphic design and the closure of TSFs, she co-authored the closure chapter of the SME Tailings Handbook, and has also co-written national mine closure guidance for the governments of developing nations. Neeltje is a geoscientist, a registered landscape architect, and has a PhD in geo-environmental engineering from the University of Alberta.