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The Hangingstone River Bridge is part of the Highway 63 Twinning project constructed by Alberta Transportation. The bridge is located at about 35 km south of Fort McMurray. Tetra Tech is the Engineering Consultant for the project. Due to the presence of weak bedrock underlying the abutments, stabilization measures were implemented to help keep the headslopes in a stable condition. In order to monitor the effectiveness of the stabilization measures, a geotechnical monitoring program was put in place to monitor the settlement and slope stability during headslope and abutment construction. This presentation focuses on the results of the monitoring system up to the current stage and demonstrates how it was used to safely construct the proposed headslopes for the Hangingstone River Bridge.


Tim Tham is a Senior Geotechnical Engineer and Project Manager with Tetra Tech Canada Inc. Tim has practiced geotechnical engineering for over 28 years in Canada and overseas. He has extensive experience in various types of geotechnical design works. He is also specialized in slope stabilization designs, retaining wall designs, deep and shallow foundation designs, geotechnical monitoring and finite element modelling. Tim has worked on the geotechnical aspect of and project managed projects from the public sector, contractors, oil and gas companies, consultants, and private developers.

Tony Ruban is a Principal Consultant with Tetra Tech Canada Inc. Tony has over 40 years of experience in geotechnical engineering on a variety of projects throughout western Canada. Areas of expertise include foundations, slope stability, groundwater seepage, and water retaining structures. Tony has been involved with a wide variety of projects including roadways, highway embankments, cut slopes, bridges, subdivision developments, excavations, cooling ponds, water reservoirs, pipeline river crossings, industrial developments, and commercial developments.