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The GSE is pleased to announce this year’s graduate student winners of the 2021 N.R. Morgenstern and Canadian Geotechnical Conference (CGC) Award. This year’s program will take place virtually via Zoom and will feature three student presentations. A Zoom meeting link will be sent to registrants 24 hours before the event begins


12:00 PM – Welcome and Introduction

12:05 PM – Gabriella Wahl – 2021 N.R. Morgenstern Award Winner

12:25 PM – Yiwen (Vicky) Zhang – CGC Award Winner

12:40 PM – Sohrab Sharifi – CGC Student Presenter

Gabriella Wahl – 2021 N.R. Morgenstern Award Winner

Analysis of Surface Infiltration through Acid Generating Waste Rock at Faro Mine

Gabriella Wahl is currently completing her MSc in Geoenvironmental Engineering at the University of Alberta. She graduated with her BSc in Civil – Environmental Engineering from the University of Alberta Co-op program in 2018 and continues to take a specific interest in mine waste remediation. She will be speaking on her research project which focuses on analyzing infiltration through acid generating waste rock at Faro Mine. As part of a larger project, Gabriella is contributing to the generation of a reactive transport model that seeks to understand acid generation in the Main Dump at Faro Mine. By quantifying the water balance at the surface of the Main Dump, she will be able to provide the reactive transport model necessary boundary conditions in the form of net percolation.

Yiwen (Vicky) Zhang – CGC Award Winner

SPT-based method Empirical Method for Estimating Axial Capacities of Single-Helix Piles in Sand

Yiwen Zhang recently received her MSc in Geotechnical Engineering at the University of Alberta supervised by Dr. Lijun Deng. She currently works as a geotechnical engineer in training at Wood. Her research was focused on the behaviour of helical piles in sand. She evaluated the soil-pile interaction based on field load tests and SPT investigation.

Sohrab Sharifi – CGC Student Presenter

Reduction of stochastic noise in instrumentation readings: a comparison of simple moving average and Savitzky-Golay filters

Sohrab has a Master’s in Geotechnical Engineering from Iran where he conducted different research projects, and now he’s doing his PhD at the U of A under the supervision of Dr. Hendry and Dr. Macciotta. Sohrab is working on enhancing the capacities of landslides monitoring with a focus on the ones in the Prairies. He will present his recent work on improving the reliability of early-warning systems by minimizing the noise in the readings of instruments.